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Tingle Family Researchers

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Name Email Family Line
Magan Bewley A descendant of Effie Ann Tingle, daughter of Zadock and descendant of Littleton of Henry Co., KY
Shirley Sams Brown Shirley is researching Edward Tingle's daughter, Parthena, and her daughter, Elizabeth Jane Brent, all of Henry Co., Kentucky
Chris Cammack John Thomas Tingle - Cammack family through Crawford, Kemper and Tingle families. Henry Co and Carroll Co Ky.
Betty Chapman A descendant of Jasper Tingle who was a grandson of Kendall Tingle
Linda Clark A descendant of Solomon Tingle and Littleton Tingle of Henry County, Kentucky
Roberta L. Curry A descendant of Littleton Tingle of Henry Co., KY and a great granddaughter of Avery Oldham Tingle.
Troy Everett Troy is looking for the first name and parents of J. Tingle who was on the 1880 census for Scott County, AR. All of the family shows born in AL.
Gay L. Fleming Her husband may be a descendant of Daniel Tingle, son of Hugh Tingle who migrated to America from England. She would like to know where to find Daniel Tingle's list of descendants and if he had a daughter who was married to Job Truitt.
Patricia Purnell Garrett Looking for information on Grace Tingle Johnson. She was born in Snow Hill, MD and lived in Wilmington, Delaware. She had one daughter and raised her sister's child, Julius Brookfield Young. Julius Brookfield Young's father lived on the Eastern shore of Virginia and his name was Brookfield Young. There is a connection between the Tingle's and the Purnell's. We called her Cousin Grace. We are African American. She was a close friend of Julius (JUDY) Johnson.
Doug Graham Mary A. (Tingle?), who was married to Felix William Graham before the Civil War. The 1880 Census list her as Mary A., born Kentucky, wife of Felix Graham. Her son was named Amory Tingle Graham (my grandfather).
Kathleen Haun A descendant of Hugh Tingle through his son, Hugh Jr. and his grandson, Joseph
Ed Hill A descendant of John Tingle, son of Littleton Tingle of Henry County, Kentucky
Alishae N. Hovander (soon to be Tingle)



Tingle family from South Carolina


Varce Howe Descendant of John Edward Howe & Elizabeth Jane Tingle
Lana Johnson Littleton Tingle of Henry County, Kentucky, through his three sons James, John, and Edward
Regina Johnson Tingles in Alabama,  particularly Winston Co., AL
Joseph Kelley A descendant of Littleton Tingle, through his son John.
Shirley Johnston LaGarde Shirley is a descendant of Sally Tingle, daughter of Joseph Tingle and Mary Jones.  Sally Tingle married John Banks in Craven Co., NC April 9, 1800. Here line is: John Banks & Sally Tingle -> Henry Tillman Banks -> Benjamin Franklin Banks -> Robert Lee Banks
Brenda Long Brenda's grandmother was a Tingle from Sheffield, England. She married Christopher A. Long and had two sons: Al Long and Walter long and one daughter: Marge Long.
Cynthia Lovely Cynthia's Tingle lineage is Cora Lee Tingle Smith (b.1880), daughter of Reece Alvin Tingle of Henry County, Kentucky.
Sharon Marsalis A descendant of Matilda Tingle, Pamlico, Co., NC --born abt. 1834, mar.1852
Linda McBride Nancy Tingle born abt 1825, Jefferson Co. MO. We are looking for her parents and siblings. She went to Montana in 1863 driving her own team with three children., Emma, Mary Ellen and John. She left from Des Moines, Iowa.
Gene McLaughlin Researching the descendants and ancestors of Alfred M. Tingle
Sheila Kemper Meece Granddaughter of Mary Emma Tingle Kemper, daughter of John and Matilda Smith Tingle
Jean Spradlin-Miller A great-granddaughter of Edward Solomon Tingle (1886-1965), originally from Bibb Co., AL.
Fred Neal Fred Neal Husband of descendant of James Thomas Tingle, grandson of Littleton of Henry County, Kentucky
Darlene O'Brien Descendant of Littleton of Henry Co., KY
William Tingle Petry Grandson of John Tingle Coady, JR. -> Son of Emma (Tingle) Coady
Sammy Anson Pierce A descendant of Hugh, Sr., Hugh, Jr., Joseph and Thomas Tingle of Craven Co., NC.
Bear Redmond A descendant of Owen L. Tingle, believe to be a descendant of Solomon Tingle of Craven Co., NC
Stacie Tingle Robertson Researching Buck Tingle who lived in Louisiana and married Frances Brown
Leni Scarr A descendant of John Tingle, son of Littleton Tingle of Henry County, Kentucky.
Jacquie Smith Her husband's family: Littleton Tingle-->Zadock Tingle-->Jeddiah Tingle-->Reece Tingle-->Cora Lee Tingle Smith
Jean Spradlin-Miller Benjamin R. Tingle was the 3rd great-grandson on Hugh and Elizabeth Powell Tingle. His son, Edward S. Tingle, was her great-grandfather.
Billie Taylor A descendant of Ananias R. Tingle.  For all the children he had--13 in all--there aren't many out there researching him.  Ananias Tingle>William Tingle>Israel Tingle. They all lived in the same area of Delaware at Williamsville.  That's where Sound Church is located.  Ananias is  believed to be a descendant of Hugh and Elizabeth Powell Tingle.
Arthur Tingle Tingles from Jamaica, West Indies
Bernard P. Tingle Bernard is looking for information of ancestors/descendents of Joseph William Tingle Born Tipton, Nr Barnsley 1856. His father was Joseph Tingle, Born 1825 in Sheffield. His mother was Susanah Vipond Born 1826. J.W.Tingle was Bernard's grandfather.
Bruce Tingle
Charlie Tingle A Mississippi Tingle
Clara Tingle Noah Alvin Tingle, a descendant of Littleton Tingle of Henry County Kentucky
Lisa Tingle Tingle Family Manchester England: Descendant of William Tingle born circa 1853.  Married Esther.  Had son John William Tingle born approx 1878.  Other children are Lillian, Edith, Herbert, Tom and Howard.  John William married Eliza Jane Gorman.  They had son Herbert Joseph Tingle born 1908 (my Grandfather).
Mark Tingle Mark is looking for descendants of the Tingles from Edinburgh, Scotland, who immigrated to South Africa in the early 1950s. His grandfather worked for British Wire Ropes and was sent to South Africa to set up the company to service the gold mining industry after WW2.
Neal Tingle A descendant of Littleton Tingle of Henry County, Kentucky via Zadock /Isaac /George/ Norva/ Evan Tingle.
Robert Tingle William Tingle b. 1810 Delaware d. 1905 Jasper Co. MO
Robert Tingle DOB 04/08/66 Sheffield England. Son of Hilda Tingle nee Jackson and Leslie Tingle. Brother David John, Stephen Michael and Kevin. Grandfather one of the 6 steelworkers taken to set up the 1st Stainless Steel makers in the world.
Shannon Tingle Descendant of Littleton Tingle, grandson of Orva Tingle
Virginia Tolman John Tingle, son of Littleton Tingle of Henry County, Kentucky
Karen Tingle Tucker
Solomon Tingle b. 1730 d. March 1795 in Craven Co., NC
Carol Watkins
Jacqui White I am looking for descendants of Margaret Tingle, formerly Ryan, and Bernard Tingle. Margaret Ryan Tingle was born Darlington, County Durham, England in approx 1877.She emigrated to Montreal, Canada taking with her, her sons one was called Harold. She also took my Aunt Mary Patricia Ryan with her. Her daughter was a nun. It is possible that the daughter is still alive. I am the Granddaughter of Margaret's brother John Ryan.
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